Senior Artist

My mother became a hair stylist when I was nine years old, so I have been around it for as long as I can remember. At a young age I was always the one doing the hair and makeup for all my girlfriends, and enjoyed every moment of it.
I started my career as a hair stylist in 2008 when I attended the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, NC.

I can proudly say that working for The Refinery Salon has been and continues to be an exciting experience. I have learned to look at hair very differently than when I first began as a hairstylist. I have learned to see shapes, lines, balance and always taking into consideration the suitability of the style for each guest.

I have also been lucky enough to be trained through Vidal Sassoon Academy. Since the day I walked into The Refinery Salon, I have watched Vidal Sassoon videos, read books and have done extra training anytime I possibly can. I attended Vidal Sassoon Creative Cutting Class is Seattle, Washington in April 2012, Vidal Sassoon ABC class in London in 2014 and  Vidal Sassoon Creative Cutting Class in New York in 2017, these classes have trained me to see every cut I do differently, tailoring each style to the individual person.

I strive to make people feel their best and make sure they know it’s all about them from the moment they walk into the salon until the moment they leave.